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It is recommended for those, who would like to save money and has free access to it in the case of necessity.
Terms of deposit «Savings»:
  • Deposit period - unlimited.
  • Minimal volume - unlimited.
  • Partial withdrawal - yes
  • Making a term deposit: in any outlet and also over the Sberbank Online in case of usage it within other products servicing.
  • Interest repayment frequency: monthly due to differentiated interest depending on current volume of deposit.
  • Replenishment:allowed without limits. It is possible to do over outlet or Sberbank Online.
  • Partial or complete withdrawal: allowed without limits.
Deposit currency APR** for period (M)    
To 1000 UAH/50 USD/ 50 EUR* From 1000 UAH/50 USD/ 50 EUR    
UAH 0,10% 5,00%    
USD 0,01% 0,01%    
EUR 0,01% 0,01%    
base rate for deposit on demand
Rate before tax.
Compare with other kind of deposit: