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Bank metals

It is recommended to pay attention on the following. Bank metals are products, which have different purchase forms: from ingots/coins physical delivery to cashless purchase/sale with further operations from/to current and deposit accounts.

Types of metals:
Gold could be bought in ingots form, in cashless form with using current or deposit account and as investment or commemorative coin.
Silver. Silver could be bought as investment or commemorative coin, and also in cashless form with further using current or deposit account.
Platinum. This metal could be bought only in cashless form with metal current account opening.
Palladium. As well as platinum it could be bought only in cashless form with metal current account opening.

Bank metals purchase advantages are the following:
  • risk diversification and defense against inflation,
  • compactability and suitable package,
  • metal transactions are not taxed by VAT,
  • less chance to be damaged physical in comparison with paper money,
  • excellent gift.

Bank metals could be bought as by individual clients as by entities.

Procedure bank metals purchase or sale in Bank is the following:

  • For individuals. In case of purchase/sale transaction is not over 150 000 UAH into Bank’ outlets, identification of client is not needed. Over 150 000 UAH limit operations request presence client’ identification data: passport and individual tax number. In case of bank metals cashless purchase/sale client must open current metal account in Bank. Such metals are entered on the account with possibility of further withdrawal or remittance to deposit account.
  • For entities. Service of bank metals purchase/sale is possible in case of metal current account opening with further metals entering on it. Also client can withdraw ingots from this account or transfer metals from it to deposit account.


ATTENTION!!! Bank don't open new current metal accounts from 05.06.2019

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