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Mission and values

We aim to build one of the best financial companies in the world, with its success based on professional expertise, workplace harmony and job satisfaction.

Our mission defines the scope of «SBERBANK» PJSC activities, stressing the pivotal role the Bank plays in the national economy and society by maintaining its confidence, reliability, and stability.

Our customers, their needs, dreams and goals are at the heart of all our operations as an organization. At the same time, the Bank’s goals are impossible to achieve without meeting the personal and professional goals of its employees. Ambitious goals are achieved by a team of like minds sharing common values.

Our values:

  • Integrity
  • Drive for excellence
  • Respect for traditions
  • Trust and responsibility
  • Prudence and professionalism
  • Initiative and creativity
  • Teamwork and effectiveness
  • Openness and goodwill
  • Healthy lifestyle (mind, body and spirit)

Our values define the set of rules, criteria and requirements that we will aply to everyone who has joined or seeks to join the Bank's team. These values are at the heart of employee relations, the governance system within the Bank, as well as the Bank’s relations with the customers, community, shareholders and investors.


Code of corporate ethics