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Statement of Sberbank of Russia Subsidiary Bank

August 1, 2014, Kyiv – In relation to the inclusion of Sberbank of Russia, which Group includes Sberbank of Russia Subsidiary Bank, to the EU sanctions list, Sberbank of Russia Subsidiary Bank declares the following:

Sberbank of Russia is the largest retail bank not only in Russia, but also in Central and Eastern Europe. Sberbank of Russia is a public company with an impeccable international reputation, the shares and the GDRs of which are listed on the world’s leading stock exchanges, over a third of the bank's shares are owned by investors from Europe and the United States, among the shareholders of Sberbank of Russia are 217,000 individuals.

The operation of Sberbank of Russia meets all the standards of the European and American regulators, the bank strictly adheres to the laws of the countries of its presence. Sberbank of Russia Subsidiary Bank is a Ukrainian commercial bank that operates under the National Bank of Ukraine license, strictly within the framework of the Ukrainian legislation.

In its operation Sberbank of Russia is guided by the best international practices of corporate governance. In particular, Sberbank of Russia Subsidiary Bank conducts an international audit of financial statements under IFRS on the quarterly basis.

Sberbank of Russia Subsidiary Bank continues to operate in normal mode, maintaining a high level of liquidity and capital. The bank fulfils its obligations to the customers, has a strong liquidity reserves and a long-term development strategy. Sberbank of Russia Subsidiary Bank is still focused on the support of its customers, remaining the reliable partner for them. The number of bank’s customers has now reached 925,000 that are 127,000 more than at the beginning of the year.

Sberbank of Russia has all the necessary resources, management experience and expertise to continue to operate successfully in the current environment and to fulfil its obligations to the customers and partners in compliance with the norms of national and international law.

For more detailed information please address «SBERBANK» JSC branches, contact chat or the Call-center: 5595 (call back) or + 38 044 354 15 15.


Press-service«SBERBANK» JSC is a universal commercial Bank which provides full service banking to all client categories. According to the National Bank of Ukraine (as of January 1, 2020, Sberbank is ranked among the top 10 largest financial institutions of the country as per its assets. «SBERBANK» JSC is a 100% subsidiary bank of Sberbank.

«SBERBANK» JSC. License of the National Bank of Ukraine No 198 of 18.12.2015. Full service banking.

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