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Money transfer system «Western Union»

for those clients, who trust well-known world money transfer system.

Western Union has been working for more than 150 years on financial service market. WU network covers more than 200 countries. To conduct transactions via Western Union system neither sender not addressee needs to open a bank account in the Bank. Receiver can get money within 15 minutes after sending.

Advantages for Client:
  • Absence necessary to be connected with definite outlet.
  • It is possible to check the transmittance on-line status due to link:
  • Flexible tariffs.
Money transfer Territory Transfer currency Client payment
Western Union International (200 countries) USD, UAH


- Outside (exepting CIS & Georgia) - from 13 USD;
- Outside to CIS & Georgia – from 5 USD.

UAH: - from 7,5 UAH.

Detailed tariffs are on link.

Fee for getting: Free.

Term of delivery: 15 minutes.

Beneficiary customer: Individual clients.

Possibility of reversal: Exist.

Contact Center in Ukraine:

0-800-500-500 (for free on the Ukrainian territory)

Corporate site:

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Documents list
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Alternative product Money transfer system «MoneyGram»
Alternative product Money transfer system «MoneyGram»