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Money transfer system «MoneyGram»

for those clients, who search the fastest mode of sending money to most of countries.

Global MoneyGram network consist of more than 350 000 outlets. Company’s partners are national post services, financial companies and largest trade networks in more than 200 countries. In Ukraine MoneyGram network is presented by 13 000 outlets.

Advantages for Client:
  • Client can send money without account opening and recipient’ account details knowledge.
  • Money is available for recipient in few minutes after transfer.
Money transfer Territory Transfer currency Client payment
MoneyGram International (197 countries) USD, EUR

CIS countries - 2,5% (min. 2,5 USD/ EUR)

Excepting CIS countries:

- from 7 EUR;

- from 9 USD.

Fee for getting: Free.

Term of delivery: 10 minutes.

Beneficiary customer: Individual clients.

Possibility of reversal: Exist.

Additional possibilities: Free sms-message for recipient (10 words maximum).

Contact Center in Ukraine:

0-800-500-548 (for free on the Ukrainian territory)

24-hour information service phone for MoneyGram customers:

0-800-503-273 (for free on the Ukrainian territory)

Corporate site:

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Documents list
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Get advice
Alternative product Money transfer system «Western Union»
Alternative product Money transfer system «Western Union»