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Opening of Business Account in 5 Minutes

For Customers of small and corporate business

If you do not have time to visit to the bank, while the current account is needed right now.

Advantages for Client:
  • Responsiveness to obtain details of the current account, which you can immediately use to enter into contracts with counterparties.
  • No need to visit the bank to get the number of the current account.
  • Ease of obtaining a remote service without being distracted from the business.

All new Customers can benefit from the modern services of Sberbank and obtain details of the current account in 5 minutes!

To receive the current account number, you only need to send a request by filling in the full name and the cell phone number.

In order to authenticate the current account you need to provide the package of documents in your own department within 30 days from the date of receipt of the account number.