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Business Solution

For clients whose business has achieved significant scale of development and who actively use banking services

For large enterprises that are engaged in wholesale trade, manufacturing, agricultural business and construction, carried out many payments and conduct foreign trade.

Advantages for Client:

Possibility of cash replenishment of the current account in any branch of the Bank.

There is no fee for linking and monthly maintenance of «Client-Bank» system.

Free issue of Visa/MasterCard Business corporate cards.

Reduced rate for purchase/sale/conversion of non-cash currency.

Opening of a current account in just in 5 minutes!

Business Solution Package includes:

2 corporate Visa/MasterCard Business payment cards.

Current multi-currency account.

Linking to «Client-Bank» Service.

55 payment orders on «Client-Bank» system (outside the bank) in hryvnia.


Cost of Business Solution Tariff Package - 100 hrn.

Tariff Package subscription fee – 320 hrn/m.

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