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Development Strategy

«SBERBANK» PJSC, as a member of the Sberbank International Network, determines its objectives and tasks in full compliance with the strategic plans and priorities of Sberbank. Therefore, our strategy in Ukraine is developed in view of the overall scope of responsibility and challenges facing Sberbank, as the largest bank in the Central and Eastern Europe.

The main objective for the management and teams of Sberbank is to become, within five (5) years, one of the best world banks in terms of financial performance, and, as a top priority, in terms of the quality of our customer services. Taking into account the underlying scope and time limits, implementation of this objective is very ambitious and has no analogies in world practices, in many aspects.

«SBERBANK» PJSC is fully involved in implementation of the Sberbank International Network's strategy taking advantage of the efficient synergy and making use of the experience and technology of Sberbank.

Our strategy aims harmonic growth and development of a hi-tech, customer oriented, competitive universal bank abundantly diversified in all business directions.

Strategic targets of the Bank:

  • A place among the top 10 largest banks in Ukraine
  • The 3.9% share in the banking system assets before 2019
  • Establishing of a competitive customer oriented corporate culture
  • Development of efficient functional and technological operation models of the Bank
  • Becoming a hi-tech bank leading in banking technologies
  • An extended network of efficiently operating branches

The most significant component of the Bank development strategy at all levels and throughout the organisation is the implementation, of the Processing System of Sberbank (the PSS) – the philosophy of permanent improvement and development. The PSS is based on the LEAN (i.e. lean production) and 6 Sigma instruments which have repeatedly and globally proved to be efficient. Joint applying of such instruments enables Sberbank’s constant optimisation and streamlining of its business processes, permanent ability of updating and improvement, and setting of values for our employees.

The Bank strives to make efficiency and quality a personal challenge for every employee, to ensure everyone’s involvement in daily operation and work improvements, and to make employees feel active developers of the Bank rather than just executives.

We are sure that successful implementation of our strategy would enable our further dynamic growth and development outperforming the country’s banking system in general.